Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a photo essay of the day

Ah Tuesday! the berry sourdough crumb cake and roasted roots both went over well (I think). (pictured below is the crumb cake.) Last night I used Erin's sewing machine- the brand is Brother, so I often joke that I have a date with her brother. I love the way that sewing looks on paper, so I made this little book out of old gift bag paper, with an inside made of flour and grain bags. I love the color of them, and each bag has at least 2 or 3 layers of usable paper. In the late morning it (finally) started snowing and snowing, something that makes already beautiful Vermont look like a dream.

I helped with lunch, took a little break, then Karie and I went way over the top for dinner. Fabulous, Fabulous Kate sent me a box full of Indian spices, as well as some of her favorite recipes, so we ventured in to an Indian night. ( something that was actually planned for tonight anyway, as it turns out.) The menu included a kale cauliflower coconut curry, Thenga Paruppu (a coconut, tomato, mung bean dal) brown and whit basmati, potato and pea samosas (that fantastic Heidi made the wrappers for) and I got to invent all the chutneys! so we had a classic raita, a tomato, fig, raisin chutney, and a tamarind, cilantro, mint chutney. everything was sooooooooooo tasty. It's so fun to get to cook with Karie, we work pretty well together, and have similar levels of tidyness that we keep (read, we are both a bit messy.)

final excitement of the evening was the inoculate oyster mushrooms from the Urban Regeneration class a few weeks ago. check out how much they have grown!

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