Thursday, January 21, 2010


the chalet with our kitch in tact now!!! Rob and Erin, ah movies on projectors!

Dear Blog,
we were just talking about how amusing it is that people don't write "dear diary" anymore...
So many exciting things today. The most exciting for you ( the lovely 5 of you that read this little blog) is that I finally bought batteries, which means I can give you actual photos vs. walking my computer around and taking crummy pictures with the built in camera while trying to keep my fingers out of the frame.

Day 4 of Breakfast duty in our makeshift kitchen/ Dining room. Last night the Skin on frame cannoe class started. It's nice to have new faces around here, and some lovely people. Breakfast today was round 2 of Good morning Muffins, and lunch was build your own salad featuring (local- though here they call the local produce 'native' which is confusing to me) honey mustard roasted beets, hard boiled eggs from our chickens, and toasted walnuts...yum! and a broccoli soup started by Heidi and finished by me. Had a meal planner tell me it was the best meal she's had since she has been here...
The kitchen is coming together- the floor is in, and it looks beautiful! we had a major cleaning party and started putting things away and tomorrow we start moving all the appliances back in, in time for the large welcome dinner for the Timber Framing class starting tomorrow evening.

tonight we watched a fabulous film "The Garden" about the community garden in south central LA in the mid 90's and it's trial and tribulations...the largest community garden in the states fighting for their land...I highly recommend it (netflix)


  1. That movie is totally on my netflix que! Maybe I will move it to the top now that it has gotten your endorsement.

  2. do- it's really sad though, and kind of hard to watch (aka, i yelled at the screen a lot..) but good.