Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the first few days

Monday Jan 4

We had our orientation of the facilities, brief overview of our roles here as interns, and gerally got some barings. I was exhausted, and dirty after a day of traveling.

Tuesday Jan 5
the morning was my first shift in the Kitchen with Heidi (the head kitchen wizard.) Breakfast shift starts at 7, and I learned the ropes and a bit about how the kitchen functions, though I think it will take me a tiny bit to grasp how the organization of the space and routines work and a long while to really grasp how much more laid back it is than Trotter's. At trotter's we had meals planned a month in advance...The menu here is made a day in advance (maybe two.) In theory there should be a two week scedual, but I'm not sure if that will actually happen...we shall see. We also don;t really use recipees here, which I LOVE and is how I normally cook for myself and friends, but it's a bit intemidating to cook that way for 20+ people who expect really great food!
After lunch I participated in the monthly staff/intern meeting... learned and absorbed quite a bit about all of the projects and classes going on and my role in it all..
I spent the afternoon playing with compost- transfering the full load from bin 1 in to bin 2 to to sit for a bit, and eventually it will be put in to bin 3 to cure for the season. I was trying to sneak in and transfer the compost before it all froze but I was too late. I started shoveling from the front- then switched to the back, then finally gave up and just jumped inside with the compost and shoveld it in to the next bin (gotta love the high sorrel boots!) ½ way through Austin (one of the cooks) came out and told me that the bin door opens- and it does, but it was frozen too... so only transferred out about ¾ of the compost, but it was enough to get us throught the winter space wise..

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