Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wicked wednesday

I really like alliteration, and I really don't like trudging back up to the school to blog some nights, so apologize for my lack of entry yesterday. I know, I know you were thinking "Gosh Lylee, how dare you not update, my whole Wednesday was just awful not knowing what exciting things you did on Tuesday!"
here are the photos from my awesome romp in the woods on Sunday.

Yesterday I cooked lunch and dinner- and made an eggplant moussaka, which turned out super well. Eggplant, lentils, potatoes and a homemade red sauce with a B├ęchamel sauce on top to finish it. Yum! This morning was kind of long and hectic. Made molasses cinnamuffins and smoothies for breakfast- I even snuck seaweed and Kale in to them!. Heidi was in a bad mood, two different orders came during lunch that had to be put away, and general negative energy around. Today was suppose to be "intern fun day" after lunch...which got delayed but ended up being late afternoon intern fun few hours- we went to a co-worker's outdoor hot tub, made some drinks, and proceeded to have a music 'jam session' with a trombone, (unplugged) electric guitar, egg shaker, harmonica and spoons... super fun. Taco bar for dinner, a few episodes of freaks and geeks, and viewings of 80's video's. Ready for the rest of the week now. recharged.
excited to take some time this weekend and next week to really plan seeds, and think about starting some seedlings inside.


  1. I WAS disappointed that you didn't post. Hike looks awesome & food looks delicious!

  2. sorry you feel blue - I hope it doesn't stay. Sunny helps, I know that...and you know what else does, mushrooms, growing in your house!! If you're up for it, you can grow shiitake mushrooms indoors - who knew!!?? I finally got my second log to sprout recently...I'm so excited and I thought...hmm...who would appreciate this (besides me...since Seth is being kind of poopy about it) is LYLEE!! I miss you tons...only 1 sock done right now, sorry, I'm getting lazy. I'll try to speed knit the second one. HUGS and hearts to you!! megan