Monday, January 25, 2010

just another manic monday

(oh oh oh )
actually another rainy Monday.
and our first successful formal Monday, where about half of the interns and our awesome long term work trader dressed up in suits and dresses and even glitter! just to break out of the winter blues/ we never get to dress up/.
it's the end of January and today was 45 degrees and raining all day long...
I'm beginning to think that blogging everyday is silly, as there isn't much exciting or new to talk about.
It reminds me of a Greg Brown song- on the album from the kate wolf festival. He talks about how he has to write songs about other people and stories because if he just wrote songs about his life they'd be so boring and repetitive.. they'd go something like "do do do do do do not a bad day do do do do filled the bird feeder ,damn those lil fellas sure at a do do do do do not a bad day do do do Joe stopped bye... do do do not a bad day.."
worked half a day today and took a nap and read the rest of the time.
kind of blue for no particular reason.
kind of exciting though- I'm making drawings to go over the lights in the kitchen...
yesterday i went exploring in the woods in my head to toe ski suite- most fantastic Christmas present ever. It was nice to run outside- I slid all the way down the hill back towards the cabin on my bum and made a stop at the tree house, which still has a hammock up even though it's winter. perfect. I'll post photos eventually.

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