Saturday, January 30, 2010

I know where my satisfaction lies, way beyond the blue Horizon

yesterday started with breakfast- blueberry/ raspberry muffins that I cooked up Thursday night, followed by a full day in the kitchen. I was only scheduled for breakfast, but we got a huge produce order in and Friday marked the beginning of 3 classes and 30+ people for every meal. So I put the order away and helped prep a ton of food for the next few days. I also decided to deal with... the storage closet. This involved, taking everything out, cleaning sticky honey mess and other goodies off the shelves, organizing it all and making an inventory sheet, now on the doors. So satisfying to have (even the tiniest bit that will be gone in a week of) order. Overall an intense day in the kitchen, but really what I needed. I was able to have some lovely, lovely conversations that helped me put aside some frustration I was having, and got to meet a whole new batch of students.
A fellow intern was playing the top 25 from his I pod and the Anais Mitchell song "come September" came on. And I launched in to my "she's so amazing, I saw her at a house show in Minneapolis last year where I went to be the rock as my bestie met her significant other's friends and it was amazing but I had to go upstairs in this house and hide in a bedroom halfway through the show to make a conference call for the bike trip I was going on..." And his response was, oh yeah, she's amazing and a really good friend of mine... crazy!Vermont just keeps getting better and better...

Today I made an asparagus, sun dried tomato, onion, parm, mozz frittata that turned out fantastically! and because Heidi loves me, she bought 25 pounds of eggplant! and a case of red pepper. This means I get to make a roasted eggplant soup tomorrow, and all kinds of eggplant things to come. Yum!
this afternoon I am going to a seed swap in Barre and this evening either a bluegrass band on the mountain or square dancing. so many fun choices- woot!

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