Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twin Peaks, VT

Today was filled with excitement. I had a meeting with the executive directer and got a better sense of kitchen budgets, sourcing, the farmers we will buy from, and the farming I will do. It feels so good to have a better plan of what I should be doing at this point. In the late morning Erin and I cleaned out the chicken coop. This meant digging out totally frozen poo and wheelbarrowing it all over to the compost pile. The chickens now have a plethora of fresh straw, leaves, and sawdust- they are hella happy with it too, making all kinds of chirpy chicken noises of contentment.
We have two new stop saws, table saws in the shop and got to watch a demo of how they work. The stop saws are the kind that have a phenomenal sensor that drops the blade when they sense skin and -demonstrated with a hot dog- the blade drops leaving only a nick on the finger- technology is so amazing.
Made a few loafs of Banana bread for breakfast tomorrow and for the organic farming conference this weekend. Used the Laurel's kitchen recipe- an oldie but goodie, and it happens to be vegan.

Tonight we went out for drinks and shuffleboard to the Pitcher Inn In Warren. Warren is the town a mile south of the school that is pretty much a town playing to tourists. The "Warren Store" is the swankiest general store I have ever seen, complete with a boutique upstairs. So the Pitcher inn is on the main block of town and was recently rebuilt (designed) by the local architect David Sellers- they employed over 150 local artisans, and each room is it's own theme. Everything in the place was hand made with an exquisite old lodge sort of feel. As you walk in past beautiful wood chairs a taxidermy standing bear greets you, then downstairs to the lounge/ bar/ more cozy dining. The fireplace is beautiful, the moose head behind the bar is expertly done, and the pool table has hand engraved details. - you can even have a romantic dinner in the wine cellar.
The place is like walking in to the lodge on Twin Peaks. I really want to set a TP spin off there...
we joked about having formal Mondays, where we dress up for Dinner (the idea arose when Rob told us that one of the 4 outfits he brought was a suite because he came here directly from a wedding...) I think we also need to implement billiard and shuffleboard Thursdays...

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  1. Ohhhmygoodness!! $425 to stay in the school room. It is pretty sweet though.