Wednesday, January 20, 2010

nothing clever

Just a Wednesday here, nothing too exciting. Cooked breakfast, just for the interns and one work trader. I soaked steel cut oats overnight with ground flax seed and a bit of lemon juice. This morning I threw them on the stove with cinnamon, a tad of sugar, and vanilla and in about 15 min. they became creamy deliciousness... turned yesterday's peanut butter rice in to a coconut curry soup for lunch. It turned out pretty well- Heidi is a fan of cook once eat twice, though I totally misjudged and cooked enough for thrice.

I decided that I hate spreadsheet- it's just so square and boxy and hard for me to work with- so after a few hours on it trying to redo the components sheet, i decided to draw it all by hand- and it looks amazing!

We found out today that we can start moving the light stuff back in to the kitchen, so I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning cabinets, windows, trim, baseboards etc. and liberating them from the coating of dust they received during the floor installation...

Karie and Mary Kate cooked an amazing dinner of sweet potato black bean enchiladas, Spanish rice, a mescalin salad and cream cheese peanut butter pie (Heidi made it actually, in her beautiful blue ceramic heart shaped pan...)


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