Friday, January 8, 2010

Mad River Awesome!

Friday we had the tour of the mad river valley. YM is in between two small towns -Warren to the south and Waitsfield to the North. I use to think that everything cool happened in San Francisco, now I think it's all connected to the mad river valley... The Von Trapp family originally settled here after fleeing Austria. Not to mention Dave Sellers - the founder of the Mad River Valley style of architecture- he influenced the founder of the school, John Connell, in the 70's.
great website that highlights a lot of the architecture in the mad river valley...

My list of YM connections to my architectural heroes continues as I learned yesterday that William McDonough (of Cradle to Cradle fame) roomed with Connell (founder of the school) in college and lends his name a bit to yestermorrow. Crazy!

Today Erin and I ventured off campus to the Library- and where normally that doesn't sound too exciting- it was the coolest thing ever. We started at the one in Waitsfield- they don't use computers and hand write all the check out cards- just like the library in grade school... we didn't need to verify our address and they didn't even give us a card! At Warren, they use computers, but still no card, and the librarians are the loudest, chattiest crew I've ever met.

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