Wednesday, January 6, 2010

classes and chickens!!!

Wed. Jan 6
no kitchen shifts so I ate breakfast and sat in on the intern meeting. Every morning the design/build interns have a meeting to talk about their projects for the day- while I don't attend these meetings regularly, I am going to go once a week just to keep up with what they are doing and build that relationship of how we can help each other in our projects. I spent the majority of my day reading a wealth of documents left for me by last year's kitchen/garden Intern, Stephanie. The wealth of info included all kinds of garden plans and info, care for the chickens and compost, and lists of people to meet with for wisdom about gardening in the area. I also learned about the locavore and gardening/ sustainable groups in the area- so much cool stuff happening here. Equipped with a tiny bit of knowledge on the chickens I attempted to get to know them a little better and give them new bedding to replace the poop covered sawdust and straw that they currently reside in(on.) I am still a little hesitant about petting/ picking up the chickens and need to get them to be comfortable with me.. we have 9 females and a rooster.. we keep them just for eggs (well, not the rooster) and for the amazingness they add to the about value added.
Our flock:
Delores: There are three Deloreses; they are our Rhode Island Reds.
Betty Davis: She is the red chicken without the comb of the Deloreses.
Bertha: The white chicken that looks dirty with the tawny streaks on her.
Sadie: The white chicken that has a couple tan spots on her wings.
Ursula: The two white chickens are both Ursula.
Mabel: The spotted black and brown hen, a real beauty.
Bill: Used to be Belle until we discovered he was a rooster. He’s pretty nonagressive for a rooster, but he will peck you if you mess with his girls.

Today I also planned out the classes I will take while I'm here. I am able to take 5 weeks of classes and as many weekend classes as I can sanely fit in.
My big classes are: Permiculture, Farm design & Edible forest gardens.
Weekend classes include: yurt design/ build, Natural paints and finishes, Root cellar design, Re-inventing small business, Invisible structures, and maybe a few others.

Our 7th intern got here today, so we get to have a house/intern ,meeting and really hang out tonight- looking forward to it. I share a room with a cool woman named Erin, I noticed that she had a copy of the second season of Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno. Tonight at dinner I gushed to her about how fantastic I think that series is and she told me that she had that copy because she helped design and build the set for the second season....AMAZING!!! I was blown away- and she told me all about having to attach the 5 foot long whale Penis to her for the whale episode... I was pretty excited, let me tell you. ( if you aren't familar it's amazing.. check it out. )


  1. Lylee that is awesome! I can't believe you are rooming with an honest-to-goodness celebrity. Sort of. I'm glad you are liking it so far!

  2. Wow, Lylee! If this is any sign of how you will get along with your roomie... :) I miss you--sounds like you are very busy, but going to have such a fabulous experience!

  3. Permiculture!!, Farm design & Edible forest gardens!!!, Natural paints and finishes!!!!, Root cellar design!!!!!, and Yurts!!!!!! This is so so cool, Lylee! I can't wait to hear more :)

    p.s. It must feel pretty awesome to be one degree of separation away from Isabella Rossellini?