Wednesday, January 13, 2010

planers and jointers and chop saws, oh my!

After two days of lunch and dinner shifts I had a breakfast shift today. Wasn't feeling it at all- way to tired. Trudged through it, also the days our huge natural food order comes in (like UNFI, called AB) so the joys of helping to put it all away, took a bit of time- way too use to where everything goes at Trotter's at the (what now seems like ) copious amounts of space there. I got to hang out with the Design/ build interns in the afternoon and help tear down the cube- the mock house structure that the Natural Build class uses to build up with straw bales and uses natural plaster finish on.. fun to get to tear things apart and trek the wood to other parts of the property for storage. I had my shop orientation in the afternoon- so now I can use tools. Dave, the master of the wood shop and property, led us through thorough tours of all of the parts of each tool and how they work- so detailed, i totally understand what a planer does and how it does it , which is a good thing to know. I'm still afraid of the table saw - they just look so menacing and angry with their blade sticking up and lack of safety guards - but I'll get over it...
missing minnesota winter a bit- especially art shanty projects, soup swaps, making soup in 2317, and friendly minne faces... love ya'll

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