Saturday, January 23, 2010

How we gonna kick it?

Gonna kick it root down!!!!
from our local Edible green mountains, advertising the co-op in Burlington. So cute!! it makes me smile and laugh every time I see it. Brilliant.
After a full day the chickens seem to be doing ok. This morning there was a tiny bit of a face off between the two roosters (they just stood outside looking at each other for a while) but no huge altercations.
In the morning our rooster and 3 of his chickens left and stood watch by a tree on the other side of the kitchen just standing guard- not eating, or pecking... when I went to close the cage all of them were on perches, sleeping except the three new Plymouth rocks (pretty black and white feathers) were on the floor pecking and chatting. In general lots of chicken talk and bickering, I think everyone is doing all right though.
I have a day off tomorrow (hooray!!!) so I'm hoping to spend some time with them just trying to put them at ease and hang out/ get more comfortable with them. I'm a little afraid to really hold them and such because our rooster Bill is good at his job/ quite territorial. I think everyday this week he has pecked/ puffed up at one of the interns- sometimes worse then others.

Breakfast went well today. I made biscuits and cooked eggs in muffin tins (an idea thanks to the egg legacy steph left) fried some ham and made lil sammies. A good idea in theory, but in practice a bit crumbly and perhaps not the tastiest, but people seemed to like them. Made a soup, did some tasks...

Skip came to teach a class and brought A bunch of plants for me, and I'd never even met him before!He knew that the past kitchen/garden intern really appreciated getting plants from him/ was really excited, etc. (Another big thank you to steph ) so that is really exciting.

above find a few photos of my walk to work. It was beautiful this morning, everything covered in ice crystals...and cold cold cold... It was so sunny today, Minneapolis sunny.

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