Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Jan 7.
I am officially absolutely and completely exhausted. The morning started with a quasi intern meeting (2 of the interns are in class- so we are short a few people.) then Kate (executive director) showed us a photo sideshow of the history of yestermorrow and gave us an overview of the master plan for the school- absolutely how far we've come..

In News about people Lylee is amazed by and suddenly everyone around me has connections to:

Last night I was talking to a fellow intern, and learned that he spent a lot of time growing up in Texas, and talked about being good friends with the Auburn university/ rural studio/ Samual Mockbee crew.

I was amazed- which of my favorite art/architecture hero's aren't people going to have personal connection with, goodness! Then I learned that next weekend I get to go to the Norheastern Organic Farmer Association (NOFTA) conference and the Keynote is JOEL SALATIN.

To top it off Kate mentioned that YM was featured on an episode of this old house with Bob Villa
and Bill McKibben used our solar trailer on his climate change awareness walk of Vermont- or something amazing like that...

I started feeling really awful around lunch time and proceeded to buck up through it for my 2nd kitchen shift with Heidi. It was a long 8 hours in the kitch today. At lunch we served a carrot chickpea salad with dill herbed dressing, kale-ko-pita (kale spanakopita) brown rice pudding, lemon kissed couscous, and some more things I can't think of. Dinner was a little thrown together- I love that we plan what we will make by what needs to get used of in the fridge = lots of creativity and no recipes... love it!
Dinner: I managed to get it mostly vegan...
French lentil and barley mushroom stew with vegan chipotle field roast “sausage”
caramelized maple balsamic fennel and red onions
hippy casear salad (no cheese because we were out of parm. Heidi was sad about this fact, I was quite excited)
soft pretzels we made from leftover bread dough- made in a fish/ breast cancer ribbon shape
mango curried cream cheese spirals ( made on tortillas) (yum!)
and an ice cream sunday cake (the kitchen sink mixed with ice cream and layered with goods frozen in a bowl)
Sat and Sun I have my first shifts alone! Breakfast! Sat will be tofu scramble and sunday will feature nature muffins and some other form of goodness....

so- good day, long day, ready to relax.

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