Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holy moley me oh my, you're the apple of my eye

(a picture of some of our chickens - in the summer. I'm working on getting some batteries and taking photos...soon)
A dreary Tuesday here. Snowing all day, but 35 degrees, so melty snow..
I have become super obsessed with the Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero song Home - and it seems like the perfect winter bleary song, so I thought I'd share it with you

I just went out to close up the chickens and fell on the snow and landed on my face, funny though because it happens almost every day. I wrote such a long bliggity blog last night that I don't think I really explained the kitchen situation. Since the floor is getting redone everything is out of the Kitchen...sinks, stove, cabinets, tables, etc. so everything is set up in the studio makeshift style. Breakfast this morning required all kinds of running back and forth from the main fridge through the studio to the Kitchenette, and back and eventually I got breakfast out and the potatoes I made were tasty. (Heidi bought me a huge bag of dried Chipotles = so excited!)

Working on Kitchen organization = making spreadsheet lists of what we order (currently it's all handwritten- I feel like I'm channeling Anika, Jen, and Caroline as I make spreadsheets...)
and kitchen duties, etc.

Really exhausted today for some reason. I need to find a way to eat better here- more veggies, less bread, less sweets. It's particularly hard to do because Heidi is amazing and always making treats- today's lunch dessert was chocolate cake.... I took an afternoon siesta which helped, but is not always the answer...

Highlight of the day, amazing Aunt Kathy mailed me a bunch of stuff that wouldn't fit in my suite cases (and took the rest of it home to her house to later transport back to STL) anyway box # 2 showed up today. I now have all of my heart shaped pans here (2 cake pans, 2 muffin tins, 8 little heart pans, 5 cookie cutters, 2 egg/pancake 'rings' ) and scarves and shoes and wild rice. yum! and cozy.

stay cozy friends!


  1. Lylee+spreadsheets...I don't believe it! I hope you find some way for your heart doodles to make it onto the pages. :)

  2. Moats and boats and waterfalls!!! So funny, I've been super obsessed with that song too . . . I listen to it on repeat sometimes in my lab when I'm there late doing work. I miss you!!